Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mari-mari aerobik~~~ warming up session


untuk pertama kali nya, saya memperkenalkan rancangan mari-mari ber aerobik di blog sendiri. hahaha.

for this first time showing, let's see what're those moves/steps of our warming up session.
enjoy the song (i mean the beat/rhythm) and move your body.

i've found out this video would be nice&good for all those beginners in aerobics.
there's a slow move / review of all the steps toward at the end of the video.

sila jangan malu. seriously. just move and move your body.
even just front of your kids. you will feel the excitement and release all those tensionness that bothering you. hoyeahh. kali ni saya berbicara seperti perunding kesihatan pulak.

credit to GRDancefitness (choreo by Mandy)

one more things, attitude
(take a look at how Mandy(instructor centre) act, move and 'in' with her moves. love it very much)

berjumpa lagi di lain episod! hahaha.
syukran gazeelan!


asna cute said...

nak tgu baby kuar baru nak dance sama2 hehe =D

my5xurra said...

hehehe.. asna... tnggu baby dh besar sket la.. nnt dia bleh join skali nari2... hehehe..