Friday, March 25, 2011

Do u like shawarma?

Shawarma – food – sedap – menyelerakan- Rasanye, takat beberapa bulan stay kt Dubai ni, rasanye, mnde alah ni lah mnjadi favourite. Must try for anyone who visit U.a.E.

The nearest mall yg ade jual shawarma – Ibnu Battuta Mall.

Ni stall tu…. npk tu, tgh hiris2 daging… nyum2….

yg ni tataw ler, cmne, apa nama, tp mmg org2 Arab suke mkn ni,

mmg must have in their meal,

Actually, u can have it, chicken, beef, or mutton….

Tp kt mall yg ni, ade chicken aje. Either spicy or original (mcm KFC plak)….

If in msia, mnde ni cm kebab kot…..

Another difference is, shawarma will be served together with PICKLES!!!

Mcm jeruk gitu, tp yg dijeruk nye adalah – timun, carrot, cili, ubi putih (tataw nama, tp bkn potato)

In my opinion, Pickles ni mcm utk ‘pangkah’ rasa muak time mkn shawarma…

That beef/chicken yg dihiris2 will be mixed with fries, mayonnaise salad and roll everything in arab special bread (tataw nama lg….)

I like having it with fresh india chili (xpedas pn, rangup2 cili tu)….see in the photos….

agak2 x knyang mkn yg dlm gulung2 tu......................




buleh order....shawarma plate mcm nih...

(gulung sndiri ikut suka hati, ikut besar mulut, ikut selera sndiri)

happy eating everyone!!!

syukran gazilan!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let’s do some simple on floor exercises.

First thing first.
Get ur yoga mat and face towel.
Lift up both of ur leg.
And stretch (tarik) by hand. (both leg)
hand hold at ur feet.
breathe in and breathe out.

Next, do it one by one (left n right).
(Make it 2times of 8count for each)
Slowly , breathe in and breathe out.

Then, alternately, gilir-gilir, kiri n kanan.
This time,Do it laju-laju (4times of 8count)
Ur upper abdomen kna lift up a bit.
(jgn mcm baring terus a.k.a lay flat,
at this time, ur hand holding leg as shown in photos)

After that, do cycling.
Repeat 4 times of 8count.
Like this.

Last but not least,
Cross ur leg.
i called this Scissor style. Hehehe.
Also 4 times of 8count.

Breathe in and breathe out correctly during the exercises.

foot note:

malas2 mcm mane skali pn, u still can do such simple leg exercise like this.

mybe during watching TV/movie. on bed, before sleep.

kata nk kaki yg chantekkk kannnnn.... hehehe....

(not pretty sure, if this entry tersampai objectives or not.
Hahaha. Tp nk wat jgak entry mcm ni.
eventho, it is difficult to put it in words.. xpe…janji puas hati)

Syukran Gazilan!

as an Enginiuer (stressful version)

Today. Very stressful at workplace.
Arghhhh!!! (wish I have a punch bag!!!)
When u are in a same project, same mission & same objectives.
learn to accept each others’ concern,
listen to others’ if u want others to listen to u too.
Respect others if u want they to respect u too.
simple quick self-motivation right?

But… still hard to apply sometimes.….(even me too)
Why? Selfish maybe?
Or maybe everybody think they are such brilliant, smart, good enough…
If u have this attitude in your teamwork, alamaakkk……
susah lar weeyyy….
Happiness/enjoy doing work? Tarakkk lgsung…….
Ape yg ade? STRESS……..
N stress… is it good?
TIDAK (smbil geleng2 kepala – stress akan sbbkn jd cepat tua..huhuhu...)
Klu nk sedapkn hati…. Of my own self, I’ll think like this…
-ini semua adalah duniawi- FULLSTOP.

I wanna be alwayssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss……………….

below these are examples of happy moments that can release my stress !!!

go vacation and act like supermodels... hahaha...

playing make up thingss with my make-up-mate ever

(bile MAC nk wat workshop lg ni beb? tnggu ako blk taw ckp kt xenna)

gmbr ni adalah tiada kna mngena dgn entry ni,

tp teaser utk entry akan-akan dtg

( x sure bile nk wat entry ni hahaha )
Syukran gazilannn!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

jgn biarkan handphone anda merata-rata

if u let ur mobile phone merata-rata, out of your eyesight,
you will suddenly see all of these in your hp's photos album...
so, better watch out...
xperlu lah dinyatakan disini siapakah insan yg sgt creative tuh,
mencurah kan idea2 n bakat2 terpendam kt my handphone...
so, please pay for this yaaa!!!
muchas gracias!
syukran gazilan!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

daily dosage

recently, almost 2months already, i've taking these for daily dosage.

this is very good for ladies
avoid any PMS syndrome
support your skincare
general health and wellbeing i.e kurang rasa cepat letih
i do take this because our body is hardly to get exact amount of vit C from daily meal.
that's why it's been called as 'supplement'
mostly vit C, kte buleh dpt from fruits
tp everyday kte mkn fruit x? nope really kn. klu mkn pn, takat sbjik epal?
still not enough for body 's vit C
vit C ni bagus utk sistem imunisasi bdn kte
for me, i take vit C ni, utk elak demam or selsema!
yes. ni ape yg ma sy ckp kt sy lah
spjg pemerhatian sy sndiri pn, it works!
so pd sape2 yg nk dpt award ZERO MC from cmpany, buleh amik vit C everyday

(more detail benefit of these supplement, can go thru blackmores website)

register and subsribe newsletter, i've done it 3 years ago!!!
benefit - slalu dpt voucher, extra discount, goodies, recycle tote bag, yo yo yo!! it's cool!!