Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let’s do some simple on floor exercises.

First thing first.
Get ur yoga mat and face towel.
Lift up both of ur leg.
And stretch (tarik) by hand. (both leg)
hand hold at ur feet.
breathe in and breathe out.

Next, do it one by one (left n right).
(Make it 2times of 8count for each)
Slowly , breathe in and breathe out.

Then, alternately, gilir-gilir, kiri n kanan.
This time,Do it laju-laju (4times of 8count)
Ur upper abdomen kna lift up a bit.
(jgn mcm baring terus a.k.a lay flat,
at this time, ur hand holding leg as shown in photos)

After that, do cycling.
Repeat 4 times of 8count.
Like this.

Last but not least,
Cross ur leg.
i called this Scissor style. Hehehe.
Also 4 times of 8count.

Breathe in and breathe out correctly during the exercises.

foot note:

malas2 mcm mane skali pn, u still can do such simple leg exercise like this.

mybe during watching TV/movie. on bed, before sleep.

kata nk kaki yg chantekkk kannnnn.... hehehe....

(not pretty sure, if this entry tersampai objectives or not.
Hahaha. Tp nk wat jgak entry mcm ni.
eventho, it is difficult to put it in words.. xpe…janji puas hati)

Syukran Gazilan!


FarhanaLicious said...

tak chantekkk puunnn...

Farah Ikin said...

CT...aku mmg suka entry ko ni..sure aku akan buat kat umah..maklum lah bdn dah semakin naik .. hehehe

my5xurra said...

farhanalicious: at least, kaki ako cantek drpd kaki hang... hahaha... dengki2..
farah ikin: thanks ikin, jgn lupa, bile free2 jer, tgh mls2 dok baring2 tew, buat jer, amik masa yg skjap jer ni.. hehehe.. hrp2 brjaya mmberi manfaat..