Thursday, March 10, 2011

daily dosage

recently, almost 2months already, i've taking these for daily dosage.

this is very good for ladies
avoid any PMS syndrome
support your skincare
general health and wellbeing i.e kurang rasa cepat letih
i do take this because our body is hardly to get exact amount of vit C from daily meal.
that's why it's been called as 'supplement'
mostly vit C, kte buleh dpt from fruits
tp everyday kte mkn fruit x? nope really kn. klu mkn pn, takat sbjik epal?
still not enough for body 's vit C
vit C ni bagus utk sistem imunisasi bdn kte
for me, i take vit C ni, utk elak demam or selsema!
yes. ni ape yg ma sy ckp kt sy lah
spjg pemerhatian sy sndiri pn, it works!
so pd sape2 yg nk dpt award ZERO MC from cmpany, buleh amik vit C everyday

(more detail benefit of these supplement, can go thru blackmores website)

register and subsribe newsletter, i've done it 3 years ago!!!
benefit - slalu dpt voucher, extra discount, goodies, recycle tote bag, yo yo yo!! it's cool!!


DaZzlingLilLy said...

aku pn amik supplement yg sama cikti...

FarhanaLicious said...

i hate vitamin vitamin.

liza said...

TQ for sharing:)..bolehlaa cuba gak

my5xurra said...

lily: good!! kte sama2!! sgt bagus kn?
farhanalicious: dh taw dh!! xyah ckp pongg...
liza: boleh boleh. cuba lah nnt. ade byk lg taw type2 yg lain2. utk kesihatan diri sndiri juga. ('',)