Monday, April 11, 2011

Unplanned Benefit Shopping

source: google

siapa x pnah dgr brand Benefit?

rasanye kt Msia, almost famous dh brand ni.

catchy packaging and unique product name.

smlm, sesi bosan melepak kt hotel.

so, kuar jln2 (konon lah) ke Marina Mall.

hamekk... unplanned...

TER shopping Benefit..

tp xpe lah (sedap kan hati sndiri)...

bli brg yg nak pakai...

plus mmg xde lg pn yg ni... hehehe..

Bad gal liner waterproof

pencil eyeliner type

come with smudge brush at the other end of pencil

black color

can use at waterline also


a just "peachy" face powder

For a fresh complexion, lightly sweep this cheerful peach powder on your face

pale, warm-toned peachy

i think i heart this Georgia face powder.

since it's been a long time already i've stop using that called 'compact powder'.

this face powder give me that barely look like there's no make up.

and this is something that we can easily sweep on to make our face look a little more alive or radiance toward end of the day.

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