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Leisure in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi,( in Arabic) Abu Zabi’ is the capital and 2nd largest city in United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi is the place for U.A.E Government and home for the Abu Dhabi Emiri Family & President of UAE from this family. (extracted from wikipedia...)

18th March

700/730 (local time) – depart from hotel, take a cab to al-Ghubaiba’s bus station in Bur Dubai.

0800 – reach the bus station, bought bus ticket Dubai to Abu Dhabi, only cost 20dhs.

Breakfast. Roti canai and lamb curry. So yummy

0830 – departure to Abu Dhabi.

(alamak, there's no photo in the bus been taken..'s such comfortable bus..they have separate seat for ladies only)

i spend my time, sleeping in the bus all the way to Abu Dhabi

first unique building once bus reached Abu Dhabi

(actually, we can see Ferrari World from inside of the bus, but, got no chance to snap it)

0930/1000 – arrival at Abu Dhabi intercity bus station, next to Al Wahda Mall.

Get around of the mall. Ordinary. Hahaha.. (almklum, dh biasa shopping mall kt Dubai thp extravaganza jer…)

Suddenly, we are about lost to go where and where from the station.

Ngn 2 org Pak Dollah and Pak Mamat ni (bukan nama sebenar)..

adoooiii.. ako tnya ko, ko tnya ako, ako tnya dia, ko tnya dia…

ngn bukak2 map tgh2 jln.. hadddoiii..

Dh ulang-alik kt bus station tu, siap p counter services,

p bli cm one day pass utk bus pusing2 kt dlm city tew.

Tp xjupe bus, mane 1 bus yg nk nek, nk trun mane, bus ni hala mana… Ahhhh.

Phtu kire cm halal sedekah lar 3dirham beli one day pass tuhh..

mmg xpki lgsung smpi ke sudah pass yg dibeli tu..

Utk lbh senang kami terus decide amik cab saja. Hehehe.

trus terpacul dr mulut masing2, nk g emirate palace.

Pdhal sume pn tataw ke amnde rupa, ape ke tmpt nye tuw ntah.

Cab / Taxi fare in Abu Dhabi is a little bit cheaper compare to Dubai.

So, better get a cab in Abu Dhabi, and ask for tour.

In Dubai, if u can access the places via train, u better catch a train, whilst the cab/taxi fare is a bit pricey.

Dlm kol 1200 gak smpi kt tmpt tuw. Panas woo Abu Dhabi. Sbb dkat ngn laut.

Arabian Gulf.

Seb bek lar, dgn mnggunakn keperibadian & manis mulut Pak Dollah and Pak Mamat ni,

kami dpt masuk kt dlm Emirate Palace tu.

klu x, jgn hrp la. Amik gmbr kt luar jer nnt jwb nye.

tenkiu tenkiu. Merci merci. Syukran.

Let's the photos do talking.

Emirate Palace, the world’s most expensive hotel. Extremely luxury.

(oowhh. si koya berlagak pose model.phtuuihh)

ako sibuk nk suh Pak Mamat snap pose ako, tp Pak Dollah sibuk nk snap gmbr Pak Mamat

view from the hotel (walaamakk, trmsuk sket gmbr pak Dollah, sila abaikn)

Tiada keberanian utk mengambil gmbr interior di dalam hotel.

Dipercayai tidak dibenarkn oleh pihak pengurusan.

Tgk sume yg stay cni, cm level artis2 hollywood jer. Kaya kaya kaya.

After that , we just walk from the Emirate Palace heading to area called

Abu Dhabi Marina (Corniche St),

We can rent these for getting around of the Marina/Corniche instead of walking.

Alamak, cantik! Suka ngn laut. sgt biru menenangkn. Langit pn biru.very peaceful.

From my own perception, Abu Dhabi is calm place compare to Dubai.

Dubai is crowded and too many people.

Let me introduce

Pak Dollah (sudah berpunya oleh isteri yg tercintanya)

Pak Mamat (with glasses,sudah berpunya oleh kekasih tercintanya)

Next, Heritage Village, place which represent cultural of Arabian life, houses and souvenir. But, we’r quite unlucky since by time we've been there, all shops for souvenir is still close.

they will open only after 1500. (selamatttt duitttt....) Entry fee – FREE.

Masa kami kt cni, ade pasangan newly married tgh berphotoshoot kt cni.

they are originally from EutoPhia

(first time to know such of country’s name, biasa lar, jarang study psl World Geophraphy ni, nk dpt tgk world map pn susah …)

It's HOT.

Then, Marina Mall. Nice. Having lunch at the foodcourt.

(rasa mcm treasure hunt plak, x pun, mcm UAE race plak. sbb mngejar nk pegi sbyk tmpt yg boleh kt dlm Abu Dhabi ni dlm 1 hari..)

in Marina Mall, Police Dept. Abu Dhabi present their new cars and bike

Next. Madinet Zayed Shopping Mall.

Mak aiii.. xleh nk comment byk psl tmpt ni.

sbb sgt ramai warga Negara asing sedang berdiskusi/berlepak/beriadah kt cni.

Nothing interesting. It's too crowded. And most of the shops are closed on Friday.

Pak Dollah , Pak Mamat and ako sndiri x suke sgt kt mall ni.

Move to the next location.

Abu Dhabi Mall..ordinary mall (again?? hehehe)...

we only break for a drinks in here and looking for 'Abu Dhabi's fridge magnet ONLY.

Next..i can't wait to be here..hehehe..

the 3rd biggest mosque in the world (if I’m not mistaken)…


the view from outside

unique flooring design

(read that some of the marble stone used for the flooring is imported from China for the green color only,

and the other colors from another else. ffffuuhhh, see? how rich is that)

Halaamaaakkk aiiii.. cantekk nyerr...

klu nk cter detail bab masjid ni...

mmg sehari smlm pn x abes lg...

siap ade pakej utk special tour kt masjid kami x amek laa..

Kat msjid ni, ade makam Sheikh Zayed, the late President of UAE…

The mosque has achieved three entries into the Guinness Book of World Records with the largest carpet, the biggest chandelier as well as the largest dome of its kind in the world

Biggest Carpet: The centrepiece is a 6,000 square metre (64,583 square feet) hand-made Persian carpet, said to be the biggest in the world. 1200 Iranian women spent 2 years weaving the carpet, weighing in at a huge 45 tonnes. The carpet covers the floor of the main prayer hall at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which can accommodate up to 9,000 faithful.

Biggest Dome: The main dome is also "the biggest" mosque dome in the world, 75 metres (246 feet) high with a 32.2-metre (105.6 feet) diametre.

Biggest Chandelier: One of seven German-made chandeliers. It is 10-metre (32.8 feet) tall, 10-metre wide and weighs nine tonnes.

Kami x masuk dlm masjid tu pn, menurut Pak Dollah and Pak Mamat xleh masuk. Huhhh. tataw ler kalu ako ditipu bulat-bulat. Baru berangan nk tgk chandelier dgn lampu fibre optik kt wall dlm masjid nih.

the view during maghrib prayer (630pm)

After visit the Grand Mosque, take a cab back to the bus station.

Return ticket to Dubai from Abu Dhabi, only cost 15dhs.

Another places of interest in Abu Dhabi (tp kami x berkesempatan……)

Yas Island

Ferrari World

Emirates National Auto Museum

That’s all!

Pak Mamat - xske bergmbr, hanya bertugas mngambil gmbr shaja

Pak Dollah - kemain dia ni, nk brgambar saje...hahaha (habes ako klu dorg baca nih!!)

fun fun fun

p/S: di saat apabila kte travel / berjalan ke tempat2 yg byk view cantek / unique / historical civilisation mcm ni, mula lah fikiran bergatal nk lens yg hebat2 nih!!! hehehe... mr.Suami... ape kata anda??? hehehehehe...awak beli 1, sy beli 1.... ngeh2....

Syukran Gazilan!



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