Monday, February 21, 2011


Warning: pls ignore the rojak language n any grammar error occur. hahaha.
This is so freezing vacation trip ever. Every day is below 0 deg.C. Even worst during night and morning time. Its can go as low as -12deg.C. Feel like we are all in fridge.

Really enjoy every moment and every second with them. And of course, my beloved husband also.

My must mode during vacation / holiday trip (kalu dpt every month, mode mcm kt bwh ni, kn best????)
-release stress, tension
-forget all about work n work n job n job
-happy (‘’,)
-enjoying time
-sejuk sejuk sejuk (ni yg our tour guide pndai sebut, Lesley nama dia)
-THE BEST!!!! Relax mind.

Thanks to FARAH LIYANA, my BFF, as she is the main player for this trip.
Fara!!! We’re all looking forward for next trip. Hehehe.

Day 1 – touch down Tianjin. Get into bus and straight to Beijing. Dinner. Check in City Inn Hotel. Tesco (next to hotel)

Day 2 – Jing Shan Park. Forbidden city. Tian an men square. Grand national theatre. Lunch. China National Museum. Foot Massage at Chinese Medicine Science & Technology. Acrobatic Show. Dinner.

Day 3 – Jade Factory. Great Wall of China. Lunch. Golden Palace, cloisonné Factory. China useful Medicine Factory, Bau Fu Ling. Bird Nest Stadium and Swimming Pool Stadium (lupa nama). Dr.Tea Factory. Wang Fu Jin Street (China KLCC), Local Fruit Street (jual byk mknan peliks2. Eeeuuuww). Dinner.

Day 4 – Pearl Shop. Summer Place. Lunch. Silk Factory. Hu Tong, Pipe Street/Beer Street. Xiu Shui Market. The Place – Biggest LCD Mall. Dinner. Transfer to Tianjin. Check in Renwen Jiangnam Hotel.

Day 5 – Tianjin local Market. Dried food/seafood. Hot pot. Transfer to Tianjin Airport.

For me, this is such a good start for 2011. Happiness. And longevity - Very famous word during China trip. Lesley, our tour guide. Very fluent English. Friendly. N the best. I bet she must be crazy during our trip as to cope with our kepala gila-gila n otak merapu-rapu. Hahaha.
We are all very curious to speak Chinese also (abeh tunggang terbalik jd nye). Hehehe. n for remembrance, we taught her few Malay song i.e Rasa Sayang and Geylang si Paku Geylang. Such happening trip. We’ll miss her a lot. We’ll miss this moment. We’ll miss each other.

Allah wish, Insyllh. We’ll be in China again someday.

Enjoy some of Photos.
(lg n lg gmbr di Fb) (gmbr x disusun mngikut kronologi. men belasah.gmbr sgt byk.yg mane2 jek lah nih.random pick)

forbidden city

great wall of China

bird nest stadium

last day.Tianjin hotel.

Pipe Street/Beer Street
Summer Palace

tapak sulaiman pn dorg mkn. ade snake meat jgak tuh uh.

ako mmg xikut konsep hahaha

official group photo (by

tian an men square

sbb ade official photog. roadcrossing pn nk gmbr gak. hahaha.

ni ha. cute leslie.


ni kt dpn hotel.City Inn.spjg kt Beijing.stay cni.

Tianjin smpi.nek flight kol 8pg kot.tgk tu smpi kol 14.44.


liza said...

bestnya jalan2 china...bilalaa aku dapat kesana.

my5xurra said...

ala liza... bile2 pn hang buleh p... tgk skang wafiy pn dh besar... klu umur dh setahun lbh, dh buleh dh bwk jln2... dia pn dh ade kaki ore2 tuo kato... hehehe...