Sunday, January 30, 2011


It’s seemed like too late for me to wish happy New Year since it’s almost getting to Feb already by now. But, never mind, since my routine and personal life looked very busy as start up in this 2011, I had to wish after few week pass Jan 2011, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!

To all of my friends,
Early 2011, first weekend in 2011, I went back to Malaysia from Dubai especially for my Holiday trip which is already planned since April last year. This special trip will gather all GOSPEN team member, we’re all been as BFF since we joined SRC in UTM.
Actually, it is yearly event, we will have an oversea trip. Spending time together is very precious. We absolutely release stress, tension, work pressure and all those bad things to our health cause from our job.
Rezeki sy, the first day arrived Spore n then Malaysia, I met my family, they came to my house to visit me as they knew that I’ll be reached Msia that morning. They are from Besut to Batu Pahat to send my sister in UTHM, n drop to my house. Alhmdllh. Really miss them so much. Extremely happy.
Straight away, after had lunch, distributing souvenirs session, gift and whatever I have bought for them. Unpacking luggage session. It was like 4-5 luggages. Hahaha.

next entry - my 2011 China Trip Tianjin-Beijing!!!

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