Tuesday, October 18, 2011

our daily routine

kadang-kadang akan terfikir, daily routine yg dilalui setiap hari adakah benar-benar memberi manfaat kepada kita atau tidak. do we fully utilize every single seconds that we have? do they give us the most benefit to our life? are we becoming the better person day after day? atau hanya, bangun pagi, siap pegi keje, blk keje, mkn, mgkn menonton tv stgh jam, kemudian tidur? belum lagi, bercerita ttg amalan cara hidup sihat kita, do we allocate any activity or chores for our health concern? are we totally happy with what we are practising everyday? hmmm...
i'm looking into it. trying hard to improve way of life everyday. so that it's more meaningful dunia dan akhirat. and also, amalan cara hidup sihat, find a balance in daily routine.

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