Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Unplanned purchase Hahaha --Cosway Lip palette--

Just quick update. This's almost #babynuha's bedtime.     
Ladies out there, go & get this lip palette.
Special promotion price.
Various of nice colors.
Mix & match concept.
Macam comel jer, macam cantikkkk jerrr~~
as salam &  syukran.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sunday morning rush!

Good afternoon all.
Aftr sahur n subuh prayer this morning, i fall asleep.
Till 1000, omg!!! Its Jovian day today!
Fast shower n dressed up, start the engine.
1 hour rolling in the boutique. I've got them.
But, the regret part... all the ladies out there, take about 15-30 minutes for fitting room session. Though, only 3 pairs are allowed.
Haiss laa ladiesss...
Last but not least, wont regret with JM!

Smile smile smile :-) :-) :-)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The lotus :-)

Need to get another one.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mission is incomplete

Hajatku yg tidak kesampaian. Kursus ini adalah untuk ke peringkat lanjutan memandangkan kursus yg asas tlh aku lulus dgn jayanya. Tp, kali ini, kekangan tugasan di office tlh membantutkan misi. Tidak semua kte dpt kejar dlm dunia yg sementara ini. Ececece~~~ Sekian.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bali Jan 2012

ello ello.
mak aih. such a longgggg longggg time no post from me.
it's only single post yet for this 2012.

okay. jan 2012.
major event is is is...
having a vacation during CNY at BALI!!!

honestly. i won't be able to write every details on our itineraries there.
hey it's almost 3mnths back. hahaha.
enjoy some pics and caption each of them will say a words.

first try fly with KLM! best best bessst. u won't regret. hehehe.

we stay here :-p

bali is so famous with their local's painting, i will advise whoever wish to go for Bali after this, please buy. hahaha. :-p

this is random pics, see how creative their fruit stall is.  :-p

opps. it's marilyn monroe!

in front of rock shop, hrc bali, kuta beach, must go places. ehehehe

all in all. Bali is the place with full of 'A.R.T'.
wood carving, vase, painting, silver and gold,
every village has their own expertise
once you pass thru village with painting expert, then along your way will be full with painting gallery
landscaping also is another field of their expertise
not to forget their temples, it's must visit places tho
no wonder, there's "BALI CONCEPT, BALI THEME"
because they are so unique as they are

i guess to pen off here.
see you again later
(maybe will write in general itineraries at Bali for incoming entry)

i miss my time blogging very much.
i miss all my blogger friends!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

i miss my blog so much~~~

see guys, it's already 1 month and a half pass year of 2012.
but i haven't update my blog anyway. my bad. it's all about time management. (blink blink)
truly, i miss my blogging session so much~~~

happybelatednewyear to everyone.
new year celebration?nope nope.
at that time, i believed the best thing to do is just staying at home.
rather than to put yourself in massive traffic and crowd etc.
am i right?

will continue with other update consecutively.

i miss you and you and you all!!!